Summer Tape 2013

by Malfunction

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Summer Tape 2013


released July 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Malfunction Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Here to Stay
This life is just a test
pushing me down into the abyss.
Sentenced to burn
until I'm laid to rest.

Feeling trapped,
gotta fight back.
Surrounded by wolves on the attack.
Safe to say its is against you.
Safe to say i'll never be like you.
You pushed me too far,
now I'm pushing back.

Us against you.
I will never lose.
Life like yours I'll never choose.
Take a good look at yourself.
I put out my hand, you don't want my help.
I watched you dig your grave,
you've fallen far from grace.

You didn't want us when we came around,
now we're the ones who don't want to belong.
When this world tries to beat you down,
remember we are united and strong.
Track Name: Fool's Word
Everyday I wake up and see violence and lies on the TV screen.
But my real question is,
does it have an effect on me?

They want it to but I don't want to believe.
They want me to be what they force me to read.

Pushing my mind from the false headlines.
They want your attention because they won't get mine.
They play the role of absolute control
but they'll never take the flame from my soul.

Take a step back and take a look at yourself.
Your freedom to think is what they're trying to sell.
Use your voice and find your way.
Before you look back at all your mistakes.

The trust in your word is something you'll have to prove before I trust the word of a fool.